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Student Mentor Program

Forte Institute The Student Mentor Program (SMP) exists to aid admitted students and transfer students in their transition to FORTE by offering them the opportunity to receive academics from senior mentors during their first year and thereafter as needed. The SMP works closely with the Director of Academics advising to enhance the kmowledge of new students, and seeks to:

• Recruit and train rising Juniors and Seniors to serve as mentors.
• Ensure that mentors are well-matched with incoming juniors according to specified criteria such as declared/intended major and extracurricular interests.
• Membership in this organization is restricted to Juniors as mentees and Seniors as mentors The Student Mentor Program maintains an open membership policy to all qualified rising Juniors and Seniors enrolled at the College.
• New mentors are selected via an online application process, overall feedback of peers, seniors and super seniors and a review of applicants’ records by the Dean of Students Office.
• After a candidate has been approved for membership in the SMP as a Student Mentor, they are required to participate in brief training session during the spring semester and to sign the Student Mentor Contract pledging their commitment to fulfilling their obligations to their assigned mentees. Signature of the contract signifies official admittance into the organization.