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Proctorial Board

Forte Institute FORTE has a Proctorial system where administration of student related matters pertaining to acts of indiscipline are delegated to the Proctorial Board. FORTE Proctorial Board is chiefly responsible for ensuring that rules and regulation framed by Institute are being followed by the students.

Some specific responsibilities of the Proctorial Board are as follows:
1. To maintain discipline in the Institute; ensure Institute rules are understood and followed;
2. To keep an eye on the general moral behavior of the students
3. To prevent the student from indulging in any political activities on Institute premises.
    Cases of indiscipline or indecent behavior of any student, cases of individual/ group harassment, threats, manhandling etc. are dealt strictly by the Proctorial Board.
    Chief Proctor is assisted by additional proctors and all HODs are default members of the Proctorial board and have a decision role if student involved are of their departments.
    The Proctorial board has one lady member other than HODs and is the chairman of the committee for enquiry against sexual harassment, eve-teasing or disrespectful behavior or any misbehavior with a girl student.