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Forte Institute College cultural events are some of the most happening events in the city
The college director, the Chairman , the Secretary and the esteemed staff at FIT , preside over the functions. The fests are attended by more than 2,000 students from across many colleges in Meerut and surrounding areas, who participate in more than 18 different contests and competitions. The highlights are events like the photography contest and Angry Birds, and group events like Battle of the Bands and Jurassic Foot. There are also n interesting short documentary contests called ‘Film It.’

Other popular events included MAD Ads and Mock Rock competitions. We have constantly strived over the years to include diverse events so that students from all over the country can participate and make the various cultural fests a grand success. The shows always conclude on a high note, as everybody dances, sings and parties at the DJ Night, which is held after each competition or event.
Annual inter college cultural fest held in Bang…

An annual event of FIT called “UTSAV” is held every year during autmn and spring as the festive season approaches. Known to attract the best student talent from across the group of Institutions, UTSAV is all set to take things to a greater level this year. Dedicated to the celebration of creativity, talent, skills and zeal amongnst students it also enhances their overall personality giving an FITIAN an edge over the others in the crowd.

With competitions in the field of dramatics, dance, film and photography, music, debating and creative writing, and informal events with a quirky twist, all the fests promise to be an unforgettable event. The professional rock show, the Stand Up Comedy show, the much awaited DJ Night and the Food Fest have definitely upped the fun quotient of all the fests.

Participants get an opportunity to display their skills and works towards saving the planet with the ‘fun with junk’ competition, organized by the students of Management Department.


1. 2016-17 Seminar on Cyber Security & Workshop
2. 2016-17 G.K. quiz Copetition
3. 2016-17 Poster making competition
4. 2016-17 B.Tech . Mechanical Petro Tech 2015
5. 2016-17 G.K. quiz Copetition
6. 2016-17 Industrial visit
7. 2016-17 Soft Skills Training Programme
8. 2016-17 Dumb Charades
9. 2016-17 Workshop on Internet Marketing
10. 2016-17 Paper presentation event
11. 2016-17 Kisme Kitna Hain Dum
12. 2016-17 Workshop on Cyber Security & Hacking Technologies
13. 2016-17 Freshpanti
14. 2016-17 ICT Expo 2015
15. 2016-17 Cyber cure
16. 2016-17 Teacher’s day celebration
17. 2016-17 Teacher skill talent
18. 2016-17 Fun Tour
19. 2016-17 Guest lecture
20. 2016-17 Movie Session
21. 2016-17 Placement week
22. 2016-17 Kaun Banega Management Guru
23. 2016-17 FIT Star discovery
24. 2016-17 Indoor games
25. 2016-17 Seminar on Global System for Mobile
26. 2016-17 Rangoli & Diwali Card-making competition
27. 2016-17 Digital  Spartan
28. 2016-17 FDP
29. 2016-17 Guest lecture
30. 2016-17 Industrial visit
31. 2016-17 News masters
32. 2016-17 Kisme Kitna Hain Dum
33. 2016-17 Collage-making
34. 2016-17 Fun trip
35. 2016-17 Free workshop on Linux operating System
36. 2016-17 Fun Trip
37. 2016-17 Workshop on Computer Networking
38. 2016-17 Placement week
39. 2016-17 PHP Workshop for MCA

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