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Our Teachers

Our teachers are persons with proper vision, experience, and an education degree who worship this profession of teaching.Teaching job is a great responsibility than a mere job. It has an impact on the growth and well-being of the nation.

Faculty - Forte Institute of Technology

Faculty Name Designation Qualifications
Dr. Shweta Batra Director B.Sc., MBA, Ph.D
Mr. Sunny Gupta Head (MBA) B.Tech., MBA, NET
Mr. Nitin Rana Head (BBA) B.Com, MCom, PGDM, B.Ed
Mr. Kanchan Malik Assistant Professor BBA, MBA
Mr. Manoj Kumar Assistant Professor B.Com, MBA
Mr. Rupesh Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor BCA, MBA, MA (Economics), B.Ed
Ms. Sanudiya Khan Assistant Professor BCA, MBA
Mr. Sharib Ayyoob Assistant Professor B.Com, M.Com, CA (Intermediate)
Mr. Shuaib Ansari Assistant Professor B.Com, M.Com, CA (Intermediate)
Mr. Manoj Yadav Assistant Professor BA, PGDM, MA (Philosophy)
Mr. Vikas Kumar Assistant Professor BBA, MBA
Mr. Rajeev Kumar Assistant Professor BA, MBA
Mr. Ritin Kumar Head (MCA) B.CA, MCA, B.Ed
Mr. Rajiv Kumar Head (BCA) B.Sc, MCA, B.Ed
Mr. Saurabh Kumar Assistant Professor MCA, M.Tech (CSE)
Mr. Punit Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor BCA, MCA
Mr. Sandeep Kumar Assistant Professor B.Sc, MCA, MA (Math), BP.Ed.
Mr. Sooraj Pal Assistant Professor BA, MA (Hindi), NET, B.Ed, CET
Ms. Kaleem Rizvi Assistant Professor ITI (Textile), BA, MA (Economics)
Ms. Anjali Assistant Professor BA, MA (Education), B.Lib, M.Lib
Mr. Anil Singh Assistant Professor BA, MA (English), PGDM
Mr. Varun Sonkar Assistant Professor BBA, MBA, B.Ed
Mr. Pradeep Malik Assistant Professor B.Com, M.Com, B.Ed
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Tripati System Manager B.Sc, M.Sc.,Microsoft Certified Professional
Ms. Pooja Saini Sr. Librarian BA, MA (Hindi), BLib
Mr. Shivam Sharma Registrar BA, PGDM, B.Ed
Mr. Anuj Sharma Sr. Accountant B.Com, M.Com
Ms. Archana Gupta Accountant B.Com, M.Com , B.Ed

Faculty - FIT Engineering College

Faculty Name Designation Qualifications
Prof.(Dr.) Narendra Kumar Director M.Tech,PhD
Prof. (Dr.) R V Singh Dean Academic M.Tech,PhD
Dr. Sudershan Goswami Associate Professor-CSE M.Tech,PhD
Dr. Gagan Bansal Assistant Professor-CSE M.Tech, NET, PhD
Dr. Munish Kumar Assistant Professor-CSE M.Tech,PhD
Dr. Alok Kapil Assistant Professor-CSE M.Tech, PhD
Karan Siwach Assistant Professor-CSE M.Tech
Mr. Naveen Kumar Assistant Professor-CSE M.Tech, NET
Mr. Ashish Chaturvedi Assistant Professor-ME B.Tech., BTC, UPTET
Mr. Rajendra Agrahari Assistant Professor-ME M.Tech., PhD(P)
Mr. Nitin Parashar Assistant Professor-ME M.Tech., PhD(P)
Mr. Vikas Kumar Assistant Professor-ME M.Tech., PhD(P)
Mr. Guddu Yadav Assistant Professor-ME M.Tech., PhD(P)
Mr. Salman Assistant Professor-ME B.Tech.
Mr. Jouhri Singh Assistant Professor-ME B.Tech.
Mr. Naim Ali Assistant Professor-ME B.Tech.
Mr. Vineet Kr. Vats Assistant Professor-ECE M.Tech., PhD(P)
Mr. Pankaj Arora Assistant Professor-ECE M.Tech., PhD(P)
Mr. Ragib Khan Assistant Professor-ECE M.Tech
Mr. Shailendra Kumar Assistant Professor-ECE M.Tech
Mr. Gaurav Yadav Assistant Professor-Civil M.Tech
Mr. Akshay Kumar Assistant Professor-Civil M.Tech
Dr. Yatin Adhana Assistant Professor-Applied Science NET, PhD(P)
Dr. Kiran Tomer Assistant Professor-Applied Science MA, PhD
Mr. Sanjay Sirohi LAB Instructor-Applied Science M.Sc.
Mr. Suraj LAB Instructor-ME Diploma(ME)
Mr. Vikas LAB Instructor-ME Diploma(ME)
Mr. Rakesh Nagar LAB Instructor-ME Diploma(ME)

Faculty - Education & Physical Education Department