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Rules & Regulations

Forte Institute FORTE students must abide by the rules and regulations of the institute. The institute authority may take disciplinary action if any student violates the institute rules and regulations. Students are advised to adhere to the rules and Regulations of the institute and discharge their responsibilities as a student with diligence, fidelity and honour. The rules and regulations are categorized into three categories as mentioned below. Students are required to follow these rules and they also have to submit bond of good conduct (Click here for the Bond format).

FORTE General Rules and Regulations for Students
1. Students shall behave with dignity and courtesy inside and outside the college.
2. Students shall observe strict modesty in dress. Boys can wear formal dress (Trousers & Shirt),Jeans and Shirt. Girls can wear Salwar-Suit, Jeans and Shirt or Kurta. Both boys and girls must not wear T-shirt and tight fit wears. For girls without sleeve shirt and T-shirt, Tight fit wears are strictly banned.
3. Students should wear identity cards inside the campus and also when attending any meetings outside the campus. I-Cards are to be worn round the neck and this drill is compulsory. Any violation of these orders will lead to disciplinary action.
4. Possession of mobile phones during the college hours in the campus is strictly prohibited. Anybody found with a mobile, a fine of Rs.5000/- and deduction of marks from general proficiency will be imposed.
5. Girl students are not allowed to leave the institute premises during the institute timings. If a girl student wants to leave the institute for some valid reasons before the closing of institute timing she has to get Gate Pass for Girl Students.
6. Students shall not entertain visitors without prior permission in the campus. Students are expected to read notices/circulars displayed on the college notice board. Ignorance of not reading any notice/circular displayed shall not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with the directions contained in it.
7. Spitting, smoking and throwing bits of paper inside the institute campus are harmful and must be avoided. Refrain from possessing, consuming or distributing alcohol, harmful drugs, narcotics, ghutkas, chewing gums and smoking cigarettes. Any violation of these orders will lead to disciplinary action.
8. Do not possess firecrackers of any kind in the hostel and college campus.
9. Do not smear colored powder and splash color water in the guise of festivals and functions on or during any other occasion in the hostel or college campus.
10. Do not scribble on the desks or the black board or on the walls of the college and hostel.
11. Students are forbidden from entering the institute office during unspecified hours.
12. Students are advised not to harm the reputation of the institute or individual (fellow students and institute staff) through social and electronic media.
13. Respect the institute property. Destroying or damaging the institute property is punishable. Students should not destroy/ damage/ deface, remove the institute property, disturb or injure a person under the pretext of celebrating/inducting/pledging or for any other reason like rivalry etc. The cost of any damage so caused will be recovered from the students collectively if the responsibility for it cannot be fixed on any individual or group of individuals.
14. It is unlawful for any person to mutilate any tree, shrub, or herbaceous plant or remove any identification sign or tag attached to it.
15. Students are not allowed to convene any kind of meeting in the campus or any sort of fund collected without the permission of the HOD/ Director or to circulate/display any kind of notice among students or on black boards or on notice board without the written permission of the HOD/ Director. No information or report should be sent to press or board-casting agencies and placement companies without the permission and approval of the HOD/ Director.
16. Do not be a part of any union or group or organization. Any move to form unions or groups of any type unauthorized by the Management and the Director is an offense. Students are strictly forbidden from engaging themselves in any political or other activities. Gathering in groups at roads, entrance, exit, pathways, gardens etc, is strictly prohibited.
17. Students shall not indulge in any kind of misdemeanor bringing opprobrium to the institution. Inform the college of any changes in personal details or address.
18. All vehicles should be parked in the allotted place. No vehicle will be allowed to enter the institute premises during the institute timings. Students coming by two wheelers have to compulsorily wear Helmet. Two wheelers will not be parked without Helmet. Vehicles found parked in unauthorized places shall be impounded.
19. Students who want to avail bus facility in between the session will have to pay full bus fee for the session.
20. Students who are not availing the bus facility but caught traveling in bus will be charged with full bus fee as fine.
21. While attending college functions, the students will conduct themselves in such a way as to bring recognition to themselves and to the institution.

FORTE Discipline and Conduct Rules for Students
1. All acts of violence and all forms of mob activities such as gheraos, sit-ins or any variation of the same which disrupt the normal academic and administrative functioning of the Institute and/or any act which incites or leads to violence.
2. Gheraos, laying siege or staging demonstrations around the residence of any member of the FORTE community or any other form of coercion, intimidation or disturbance of right to privacy of the residents of the campus.
3. Sexual harassment of any kind which shall also include:
    1. Sexual proposition/advancements, sexually graphic comments of a body, unwelcome touching, patting, pinching or leering or persistent offensive or sexual jokes and/or vulgar comments.
    2. Eve-teasing or disrespectful behavior or any misbehavior with a girl student, woman staff member/visitor. Ragging in any form.
4. Committing forgery, tempering with the Identity Card or Institute records, impersonation, misusing Institute property (movable or immovable), documents and records, tearing of pages, defacing, burning or in any way destroying the books, journals, magazines and any material of the library or unauthorized photocopying or possession of library books, journals, magazines or any other material.
5. Furnishing false certificates or false information in any manner to the Institute.
6. Arousing communal, caste or regional feeling or creating disharmony among students.
7. Using insulting, inciting, threatening language when talking with fellow students inside or outside the campus. Students talking or behaving in any manner inside or outside the institutions in a way that would bring disrepute to the institutions.
8. Use of abusive, defamatory or derogatory language against any member of the Institute Community.
9. Causing or colluding in the unauthorized entry of any person into the Campus or in the hostel. Accommodating unauthorized guests or other persons in hostels.
10. Indulging in acts of gambling, possessing or consuming or distributing alcohol, harmful drugs, illegal narcotics, ghutkas and smoking cigarettes in the Institute premises.
11. Damaging or defacing any property of the Institute.
12. Misusing institute resources and facilities such as library, software, computers and internet or causing any type of damage to intranet and computer security system of the institute.
13. Harming reputation of the institute or individual (fellow students and institute staff) through social and electronic media.
14. Not disclosing one’s identity when asked to do so by a faculty member or employee of the Institute who is authorized to ask for such identity.
15. Improper behavior while on tour or excursion.
16. Violation of security and safety rules notified by the Institute.
17. Any other offence under the law of land.
18. Any intimidation or insulting behavior towards a student, staff or faculty or any other person.
19. Any other act which may be considered by the Chairman/Director General/Director or any other competent authority to be an act of violation of discipline and conduct.