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Chairman’s Message

Forte Institute Dear Students,
Welcome to FIT GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS. I am honoured that you have chosen to enroll yourself in one of our institutions.

To meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world, FIT has markedly evolved since its establishment. We offer a growing array of programmes to prepare you for careers and further education, enjoying state-of-the-art infrastructure and above all studying in an environment which is highly conducive for learning.

Over the next decade, technology will bring about more radical changes in the way we conduct business, educate the students and indeed the way we think. Information is the most valuable commodity of the present millennium. Its quicker and better analysis will distinguish the winners from the loosers in the times to come.

At FIT, it is an endeavor to work on a two fold purpose. On one hand, the issues of 21st century covering the Technology, development of managerial skills, and so on, are well addressed. On the other hand simultaneously, the persistence and faith receive adequate attention. By the time the students complete their course, they know that there is a technocrat, a leader within them and they also know what they are. Special focus is on education for the students, that they hold themselves high and that they help the communities to develop, as well as, assist in sustaining our culture’s uniqueness.

I seek the blessings of almighty to fulfill my ambition in developing the FIT Group of Institutions with difference.