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Electronics & Communication Engineering

Forte Institute Electricity has become a part and parcel of our life. The world has come to a stage where, almost everything that we use needs to be operated with electricity. From a small house to a large factory requires electricity to perform its day to day activities. Every other gadget needs electricity be it a water pump, iron box, microwave oven, a machine in a factory, TV, Space craft, life supporting systems in a hospital, a lamp, etc. Electronics and communication engineering deals mainly with the design and development of electronic circuits, equipments, and machines and design and development of communication equipment, which are required in our day to day life.

The 4 Year program in Electronics and Communication Engineering is taught by highly talented, qualified and competent faculty members in the areas of Digital Signal Processing, Active Circuits, Data Communications & Networking, Mobile and Wireless communications, High Speed Networks, Optical Networks and VLSI & Micro-electronics.

Student Outcomes

  • Knowledge to develop, installs, test and maintain communication systems.
  • Knowledge to work on large computer networks.
  • Knowledge to develop electronic devices for computer systems and others.
  • Knowledge to architect device controlling programs.
  • Knowledge to develop software interface for electronic devices.
  • Knowledge to manufacture computer chips.

Scope of Employment

  • Telecommunication Engineer in public as well as in private sectors.
  • Software Engineer in IT sectors.
  • Electronics Circuit Designer
  • Optical Transmission Engineer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Engineers in Signal Processing, Wireless Communication, Robotics, Nanotechnology, VLSI etc.
  • System Engineer in Embedded Systems.
  • Technical Engineer/ Army Officer in Defense.